“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

—Sir Winston Churchill

Private training with Susanne is life changing. Her intuitive, result-oriented, fitness coaching is the result of a lifetime of personal training. With each session, your program develops gradually + mindfully. You are continually taught the tools to become your own intuitive trainer. No two sessions are alike, just as no two days in life are the same. This allows you to look at your health plan as a living, breathing organism. Enjoy the epitomy of customization as Susanne infuses mind, body + spiritual growth into a wellness plan like you've never experienced.
Price: $80/hour.

Group Fit
Group Fit is a total body conditioning class that emphasizes seasonal training. This is a unique group, as each individual in Group Fit has completed at least one personal training session. This allows for a well designed class that Susanne can customize according to the attendees of the day. More 'master class' vibe than a generic drop-in, expect an appropriate challenge along with the energetic uplift of training in a group.
M, W, F 10-11a, $300 per month